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In 2003, Roger and his friends Tanya Acker, Roy and Kimberly Ashton, Stacy Baird and Melissa Obegi, Bob and Kafi Blumenfield, Emily Carr, Flavia Colgan, and Michael and Stephanie Garcia decided to put together a series of free lectures for their friends.

Since then we’ve held salons on Art History, Philosophy of the Mind, Futurism, Documentary Film Making, War Correspondents, Handwriting Analysis, Eastern v. Western Medicine, Poetry, The History of Jazz, the Charter School Movement, the High School of the Recording Arts, Running for State Office, Running for U.S. Senate, Running for President, How to Live Longer, The World according to China, how to be Interviewed by the Press, and the making and playing of Didgeridoos. We’ve heard from speakers such as the Muslim Chaplain to Guantanamo Bay, documentarian Robert Greenwald, LA City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, former District Attorney Gil Garcetti, and United States Senators Maria Cantwell and Mark Dayton.

Our salons have been held at private homes, outdoors at Burton Chace Park, and at the Craft and Folk Arts Museum.

Since moving from his sailboat into a house, and subsequently building a movie theater inside the house and landscaping his backyard to resemble a Roman-styled Amphitheater, Roger has moved some of these events to his home.  He has held full performances of Shakespeare plays, screenings of cutting-edge documentaries like "Rock the Boat" (about the LA River) and Dumbstruck (about the world of ventriloquism).  His events have been dedicated to providing local forms of expression and exchange in the Los Angeles community and beyond.  

After the LA Times ran a front-page, column one article about the gatherings, unfortunately, Roger has had to close the guest list and reduce the number of events at his own home.   However, he still holds some of the larger events in alternate venues. 

If you are interested in learning about these gatherings, attending them, performing/lecturing at them, or hosting them, please email Roger at rogerwolfson.com and introduce yourself!

Los Angeles Times Article: Amphitheater, Performers, Audience in a Silver Lake Backyard




Roger moderates a discussion between Mitch O'Farrell and John Choi, candidates for City Council

"Much Ado About Nothing" at Roger's home Amphitheatre in Silver Lake, LA.

"Much Ado About Nothing"


Campaign Finance Reform

Outdoor screening of "Dumbstruck" followed by Q&A with filmmakers Mark & Lindsay Goffman

Marianne Williamson



"Magnolia Memoir"


"Jazz At Sunset"


"Glee's" Stephen Tobolowky at KCRW's "Strangers"

"Magnolia Memoir"

Setting up for KCRW's "Strangers" event, featuring Gil Garcetti, produced by
the former head of the Moth.



Salon on "What the Obama Presidency Means" at the home of Nancy Moonves in Brentwood"

Daphne Zuniga, Morgan Fairchild, Obama Salon at Nancy Moonves' home









Flavia Colgen and Richard Greene at the Media Salon at Nancy Moonves'

The Big Bang Salon. Professor of Astrophysics Joel Primack and his wife, author
Nancy Abrams

Co-Hosts of the Annual Environment California event at Paul and
Deborah Haggis' home: Amy Smart, Kimberly Larson, and Wolfson

Cruise preceding a Salon held at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey

Cruise preceding a Salon at Burton Chace

Cruise preceding a Salon at Burton Chace.

Jazz History Salon, Burton Chace

Inside the Presidential Bubble Salon


Eastern vs. Western Medicine Salon

Handwriting Analysis Salon

Longevity Salon

China Salon


Futurism Salon

Chaz Guest unveils his portrait of Troy Davis at the Death Penalty Salon

Laura Moye of Amnesty International at the Death Penalty Salon


High School of the Recording Arts Salon at the Royal-T Cafe in Culver City


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